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4 Ways to Make Your Bilingual Job Application Stand Out

  Post on 15/09/2016

September is a popular time for jobseekers to begin or resume their job search after the summer break – we’ve certainly seen an increase in candidates looking for their next Dutch speaking...

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A Quick Guide to Attracting Bilingual Candidates

  Post on 02/09/2016

Attracting bilingual or multi-lingual candidates to your business can be tough, especially if you’re also looking for a particular set of sector-specific skills.


However, recruiting employees who are fluent in multiple...

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5 Tips to Help You Get Your Next Multi-Lingual Role

  Post on 19/08/2016

It’s unsurprising that language skills are in demand by a large number of employers.


With businesses expanding internationally, the ability to communicate clearly with a global customer base, not to mention colleagues...

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5 Little Known Facts About Employment in the Netherlands

  Post on 04/08/2016

It’s no secret; we love the Netherlands. And whenever we’re not busy helping our candidates to find their next ideal Dutch speaking role, we like to stay on top of the job market and...

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Do you know these incredible facts about the Netherlands?

  Post on 22/07/2016

We know you’re probably going to see us as biased, but we really do believe that the Netherlands is one of the most interesting countries in the world. If you’re already interested in our
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Why the Dutch are some of the most sustainable people on the planet!

  Post on 08/07/2016

Even though you most likely don’t need any further reason to search for a Dutch speaking job or candidate with us (We know, we’re just that great), it may please you to know that the Dutch are some of the hardest-working, most...

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How the Dutch work differently to everyone else, to the benefit of your business!

  Post on 24/06/2016

The definitive list of reasons to recruit our lovely candidates for your company's Dutch speaking jobs is endless (they’re a great bunch, honestly), not...

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Just what is it that makes the Dutch language so interesting?

  Post on 15/06/2016

We think – and hope you’ll agree – that the Dutch language comes with a few quirks that make learning it, and using it in a work setting, quite a lot of fun. But we’re obviously going to be biased, so we’ve decided to...

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Here’s a list of things invented by the Dutch – the answers may surprise you!

  Post on 08/06/2016

We can completely understand that performing an online job search is never the easiest thing. However, searching for Dutch speaking jobs doesn’t have to be the same...

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Looking for Dutch speaking jobs? There's only one place you need to go!

  Post on 02/06/2016

It's well-established that there is a quite literal world of opportunity out there for multilingual jobseekers, and the situation is no different for Dutch speakers. Whether you are searching for Dutch speaking jobs in the Netherlands itself or in...

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