Why the Dutch are some of the most sustainable people on the planet!

Posted on 08/07/2016

Even though you most likely don’t need any further reason to search for a Dutch speaking job or candidate with us (We know, we’re just that great), it may please you to know that the Dutch are some of the hardest-working, most communicative and sustainable people on the planet.

In fact, the Dutch have had several of their major companies feature on an odd thing called the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for several years in a row now.

The what index?


The DJSI was launched in 1999. We won’t use any confusing fancy financial lingo here; the index is essentially a report that ranks the sustainability of 2,500 of the largest companies in the world. The index is often referred to when investors and the like are checking out said companies.


This nifty report is based on an analysis of environmental, social and corporate economic performance, looking at such things as labour practices, what companies do to reduce or prevent greenhouse gases being produced, and how much regard they pay to health and safety.


The last few years have seen a fair amount of Dutch companies feature in the index – everyone from global technology company Philips (yep, they’re Dutch!) and Unilever (a big bunch of know-it-alls, basically; they own brands such as Magnum, Dove, and Hellmann’s, to name a few) to PostNL – a multinational mail operation.


Just how do they do it?!


The Dutch possess several traits that massively contribute towards their status as some of the most sustainable people on the planet. The first trait we’ll look at also doubles as a mini history lesson...


At one point in history, many parts of the Netherlands had problems with floods – partly thanks to one-fifth of the country being below sea level (not the most convenient thing, we know). It was because of those pesky floods that the Dutch had to work hard together over the centuries. As a result, Dutch companies of all sizes find themselves working on the basis of similar principles of good communication, teamwork and establishing a common goal.


With the Netherlands being a fairly small country, the Dutch tend to look way beyond their borders, being open and outward-driven – all good traits to have in the world of business. All of this, and the Dutch are good problem-solvers, publicly aware... and just generally fabulous!


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