Why speaking multiple languages offers some great benefits

Posted on 30/09/2016

More than half of people around the world speak at least two languages. At Dutch Speaking Jobs we celebrate the wonderful advantage multilingual people can bring to a work place. Much research has been done to the benefits of being able to speak more than one language and it was about time we shared them with you.

It’s like taking your brain to the gym

Research has shown that people who speak two or more languages improve their cognitive skills. The exercise of constantly switching between languages trains the brain to be able to manage multiple languages at one time. People who speak more languages are therefore better at switching between tasks, even when they are not of a linguistic nature.

Studies have shown it is a great way to keep your brain healthy and in top condition.

Speaking multiple languages a day, will keep the doctor at bay

Well maybe not completely, but research has shown that multilingual individuals have delayed symptoms when it comes to illnesses such as Alzheimer and Dementia. Symptoms for Alzheimer can be delayed by a whopping 5 years if you speak more than 1 language!

Also multilingual people tend to recover faster from a stroke compared to those speaking one language.

The cultural and social strengths


We certainly love to travel at Dutch Speaking Jobs and we like to take advantage of being able to use a country’s native language.

Interacting with the locals in their native language is a great way to understand the culture more and make new friends; it will also help in getting more out of your visit, such as finding that great restaurant where the locals go, or finding places to visit that only the locals know. Who knew there was a secluded beach right by your hotel?

And who doesn’t love saving some pennies along the way. Instead of booking an expensive foreign hotel, the ability to speak the local language will certainly help in finding something cheaper.  Nor will you have to buy foreign-language guides at museums or other attractions, which, in our humble opinion, is worth that extra cocktail at night.

The job market is your ocean

It is a very common occurrence in today’s job market for people to travel and move countries for their career. More and more companies are having an international presence by selling their products and services abroad and having their offices and production / manufacturing facilities dotted around in various countries. The same companies want to hire people who have the ability to speak multiple languages in order to strengthen their relationship with their customers and suppliers. Therefore being fluent in other languages will offer you more career opportunities now and in the future.

Fields such as translators/interpreters, travel/tourism, governmental and healthcare are all set to grow over the coming years.

So it’s fair to say that all these wonderful benefits are worth staying in a career for that will allow you to use your language skills on a daily basis. So why not take the benefit of registering with us, and start searching for that career today!