How the Dutch work differently to everyone else, to the benefit of your business!

Posted on 24/06/2016

The definitive list of reasons to recruit our lovely candidates for your company's Dutch speaking jobs is endless (they’re a great bunch, honestly), not least as there are certain things differentiating the way the Dutch work from how other nationalities work.

Well, what are those differences, we hear you cry? Fine, we'll tell you.

They work less. Yes, you read that right!

Before you start thinking our candidates may be slackers, hear us out.

If you work long hours or have to work a longer shift than normal one day, you may find that the day drags and you start to procrastinate - whether due to boredom or the temptation to take a few more breaks amid all of that extra time you have in the office.

On the flipside, have you noticed how much more productive you tend to be if you have to do things in a shorter space of time? The Dutch work on this principle, and only clock in an average of 30.6 working hours a week – nearly a full day less than other countries in the EU.

We aren’t saying that you should shorten your business's hours to accommodate Dutch speaking jobs, but we believe there’s a lot to learn from the Dutch regarding productivity, efficiency and enjoyment in the workplace – no wonder the Netherlands is one of the happiest countries on the planet!

One of the most sustainable places around

As well as being pretty contented, the Netherlands just happens to be among the most sustainable countries in the world.

This is due to several things. First of all, the Dutch have a history and culture that inspires hard work; at one point, one-fifth of the country was situated below sea level, making floods a common occurrence. When you’re trying to build a society while constantly up to your shins in mud, you are inevitably going to have to work with others to make it happen.  

What's more, with the Netherlands being such a small country, the Dutch tend to be very open and outward-driven – traits that foster strong problem-solving skills, the ability to think outside of the box and good communication with others. These are all skills that we're sure you would love to welcome into your workplace!

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