Here’s a list of things invented by the Dutch – the answers may surprise you!

Posted on 08/06/2016

We can completely understand that performing an online job search is never the easiest thing. However, searching for Dutch speaking jobs doesn’t have to be the same way.

To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve decided to compile just a few of the things that the Dutch are responsible for inventing. Who knows – you could end up on a similar list one day.

The world’s longest running international radio show

In an age of social networking, apps and screens, it’s pleasantly surprising that so many people still enjoy sitting down and listening to the radio – be it in public transport or cars, at work or just while lounging around.

It’s a little-known fact, but the Dutch are responsible for the world’s longest running international radio show.

The heart-warmingly-named Happy Station Show began all the way back in 1928 and is still running today. The show has only been interrupted twice in its time – from 1940 until 1946 due to World War II, and again from 1995 to 2009 after being cancelled and revived.

Everybody’s prized possession – Wi-Fi

Rarely can you venture into someone’s house, a pub or any other sort of social gathering without hearing the phrase “What’s the Wi-Fi password?”

Without the Dutch, we wouldn’t hear this sometimes-dreaded, sometimes-desired phrase – in fact, we wouldn’t have Wi-Fi at all.

However, Wi-Fi was invented quite some time before it became widely available. It was thought up by a worker at the Nieuwegein-based NCR Corporation, since evolving into the necessity that it has become today.

The atlas – Google Maps before Google Maps was a thing

The very first atlas to be widely published was the Atlas Novus - the work of Dutch cartographer Joan Blaeu.

It was the largest and most expensive book published in the 17th century, where it soon formed the foundations of the travel atlases and road maps we know today.

...and many more

The list of inventions goes on, including everything from the compact cassette (remember those?) to still life painting and capitalism itself.

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