A Quick Guide to Attracting Bilingual Candidates

Posted on 02/09/2016

Attracting bilingual or multi-lingual candidates to your business can be tough, especially if you’re also looking for a particular set of sector-specific skills.


However, recruiting employees who are fluent in multiple languages can deliver huge benefits to your business, particularly if you’re planning on expanding internationally.


Because of this, it’s important to do everything you can to reach this rare breed of candidate. At Dutch Speaking Jobs, we recommend taking the following steps to attract the bilingual candidates you need:


Target your job advert


In order to reach the right people, you need to target your job advert at them.


Make your essential requirements clear (these are your absolute ‘must haves’ for the position) to avoid receiving unsuitable applications.


If your language requirement is the main essential skill for the vacancy, it’s important to outline the level of proficiency required; for example, will candidates need to be fluent in Dutch or just have basic Dutch language skills?


When writing your advert, imagine that you’re speaking to your dream candidate. What would appeal to them about your business? What information would they like to know?


Above all, remember to sell the opportunity; this is your job advert and you should be advertising yourself as an employer.


Use specialist job boards


You might have created your ideal job advert but you need to make sure that it’s posted where your target audience will see it.


There are a number of job boards out there that specialise in bilingual vacancies (for example, our very own Dutch Speaking Jobs!) and these are the ideal online locations in which to advertise your role.


By advertising on platforms such as these, you can ensure that your vacancy will be seen purely by your target audience (in this case, Dutch speaking jobseekers).


Get social


To complement your job board advertising, it’s also a great idea to promote your vacancies on social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


A huge advantage of promoting your vacancies on social media is that your network can share, like and re-tweet your latest roles so their own networks can view them. This gives you a much greater reach.


LinkedIn contains hundreds of language-specific groups for bilingual professionals. Try sharing your latest vacancies within these groups to reach the candidates you need. However, make sure that you don’t spam these groups as it may reflect negatively on your business.


Additionally, you can Tweet about your vacancy to your Twitter followers; try experimenting by using relevant hashtags, such as #DutchJobs or #Bilingual.


Talk to your existing employees


Many employers forget to utilise the networks of their existing employees. If you already have bilingual staff working within your business, try asking for any recommendations.


If they possess the same language skills that you require, it’s likely that they may know someone who would be a good match for your latest opening.


Looking to attract Dutch speaking candidates to your business? Post your vacancy with Dutch Speaking Jobs today.