5 Little Known Facts About Employment in the Netherlands

Posted on 04/08/2016

It’s no secret; we love the Netherlands. And whenever we’re not busy helping our candidates to find their next ideal Dutch speaking role, we like to stay on top of the job market and keep abreast of all the latest employment trends in the Netherlands.


As such, we’d love to share with you some of the more interesting facts that we’ve uncovered along the way:


1. You can work full time as a bike fisher


Fancy hooking yourself a brand new two-wheeler? It might be time to move to Amsterdam.


In a city where there’s rumoured to be more bicycles than residents, it’s only natural that some of these bikes get abandoned. However, did you know that a large number of bicycles actually end up in Amsterdam’s famous canals? (Approximately 15,000 every single year, according to this article by PRI).


Taking this number into account, it might not be surprising that the city has employed a team of bike fishers, who work on a paid, full time basis and operate a claw that hoists these bikes out of the water.


2. This year, some redundancies were actually made for a positive reason…


…when five prisons had to be shut down as they were empty.


The Netherlands has seen a year-on-year decrease in crime and, as such, the country’s incarceration rate is now the second lowest in Europe. In fact, in just four years, there was a 27% reduction in the Dutch prison population.


While this is brilliant news for the nation’s crime levels, sadly around 1,900 prison employees faced redundancy.


3. Amsterdam is a hot spot for bilingual talent


The capital city of the Netherlands isn’t just home to Dutch speakers – in fact, more than 85% of Amsterdam’s population can speak more than one language, with many residents speaking up to three different languages.


No wonder we attract so many fabulous, bilingual candidates for our Dutch speaking jobs!


4. The Dutch start-up scene is booming


Did you know that the Netherlands is becoming the place to be when it comes to building your own business?


The innovative, resilient and hardworking nature of the Dutch, combined with the increase in innovation centres and co-office spaces in big cities, has led to several huge international success stories, most notably WeTransfer and Booking.com.


5. Finally, if you’re after voluntary work, you can work on a cat boat…


Calling all cat lovers! If you’re after a rewarding new voluntary position, why not get in contact with De Poezenboot (The Cat Boat)?


Founded in 1966, the not-for-profit organisation’s floating barge is a sanctuary for stray and abandoned cats across the city and is run by a dedicated team of volunteers. It’s the only cat boat in the world and has become a huge tourist attraction in the city.


Now, who was it who said that cats don’t like water…


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